HELLO, hearters

Welcome back to my articles!
Today, I gonna show 5 must have for this season.

1. RED

red, fashion, and style image winter, scarf, and hair image
One of the colors key of this season is the red! The only difficulty can be to understand the tonality that is better for our.

2. FUR

fashion, pink, and style image fashion and street style image
Obviously with the cold the best thing is an ecological fur (echo friendly), soft, winding and colored. And that rose is the more one sold together with the classical colors (black, white and grey).


beautiful, sweater, and pearls sweater image aesthetic, fashion, and shoes image
Pearls everywhere. On the collars, on the shoes, on the purses and on the sweaters.


fashion, shoes, and boots image fashion, outfit, and style image
When the winter returns, the boots are among the principal protagonists. Tall, low, with heel, of skin, round, they exist for all the tastes and necessities. However you watch out in the model that you choose.


aesthetic, Balmain, and gucci image winter, sweater, and scarf image
Must have for every autumn, particularly for this. We find it on the shirts and on the suits, on the pants and obviously on the covers.

I hope you had enjoy this new article.

See you soon