Hey sweetie,
Take a deep breath , realize that you are still existing , you are still living in this hellish world.
People, broke your heart, played with your feelings and your sensations ,but you still try to convince yourself that you love them? All of that and you are still standing...
Exactly, but don't destroy yourself for others' happiness.
Loving others is great nut loving yourself is a necessity.
Did you forget who you are ? Yes, you are human but believe me you are ...

You are the ink in your pen ❤
You are the blue in your sky ❤
You are the smile to your face❤
You are the beat in your heart ❤
You are the twinkle i your eye ❤
You are the milk to your cookie❤
You are the spring in your step ❤
You are syrup to your pancakes❤
You are the coffee to your donut❤
You are the penut to your butter ❤
You are the water to your ocean ❤
You are the bubbles to your bath ❤
You are the cherry to your sundae❤
You are the icing on your cupcake ❤
You are the sweet in your dreams ❤
You are the laces to your sneakers ❤
You are the cheese to your macaroni❤
You are the jelly to your peanut butter❤
I'm not saying this to make you feel lonely. No, you are surrounded by so many people that love you and afterall, you complete yourself
.You are the unique blue diamond. ❤
You are the breathtaking flower in that thorny path. ❤
You are someone incredible , brave and passionated.❤
You are the definition of originality, beauty and perfection.❤
You are the shinning face you always used to admire on the mirror every morning. ❤
Darling, you are a diamond they can't break you , they can't knock you down and if they have ever tried to , make them inspire you to do better and if you didn't find the sunshine somewhere , be the sunshine itself to yourself , make yourself a priority and as I always say , love yourself because no one will love you as you do.
Wake up everyday thinking that every day is a new opportunety to change and make things better.
Learn to let things go because that's just the way of the world and nothing lasts forever but your power and your self-esteem.
Sharing love from the bottom of my heart, do it sweetie you can rock it !
❤ Love yourself and all of your perfect imperfections cause happiness is
a choice. ❤

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hope you like it ❤❤❤