Oh hi, so this is my first article. Hope ya like it though my writing skills aren't the best.

This article is mainly for the ones who haven't watched the show "Supernatural" yet. But if you already watched it or started with it, then you are welcome too. Maybe you can relate? Just text me if you have any questions or you just search for someone to fangirl with. ...So let's start.

Firstly, some informations about this masterpiece

Supernatural is an american television series created by Eric Kripke (thanks god for this man). This show centers around two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. Raised by their father, John, to hunt the things that "go bump in the night" after their mother, Mary, was murdered by an evil supernatural being when the boys were young.

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01: THE GENRES - much drama and action

If you like emotional dramatic scenes, with lots of deaths and moments to cry your eyes out mixed up with the best action, horror and gore scenes then you are probably right here.

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02: THE HUMOUR - don't miss the good sense of humour

The humour isn't like the "run-off-the-mill" kind of shows, no, quite the reverse, it's really funny for the people who also have a weird sense of humour. This is one of the many points that makes this show so special.

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03: THE CHARACTERS - the best show characters

One of the biggest reasons to watch Spn has to be the characters. The characters on this show are really complex and every main character is great in his own way. Characters come and go and you don't exactly know who you can trust and you can see how they change a lot.

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04: THE SOUNDTRACK - for all rock'n'roll fans

When Spn does a really great rock'n'roll montage, especially at the start or end of a season, you can feel it in your bones. AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and the most famous music of the show, Kansas' Carry on my wayward son. The music rocks just like the whole show.

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05: THE BROTHERLY LOVE - just melting inside everytime

My favourite part of the show is the relationship between Sam and Dean. They would and do die for each other and share an unbreakable bond. I'm a sucker for brotherly love, what can I say? They hug, I melt inside. It's inevitable. It's just so cute how Dean always take care of his brother.

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So I can say, that this show really is worth to-watch also it has so many episodes to catch up. You'll see that you won't regret it, because it isn't just a simply show. It's much more than that. Sometimes I feel like this show has changed me, changed my life.. like this show is a part of my life now. Thanks for reading. ENJOY