pain, everywhere in my body.
music keeps me above it.
I do not know if you would ever hear me.
I do not know if you'll ever listen to me.
Everyone can hear, but who is listening?
sometimes it feels like there is no sense anymore.
1 person less? who gives a fuck.
my thoughts are broken.
my head is empty.
the tears are already up.
my life is a roller coaster.
it is unpredictable but so hurting.

trust me, I know how it feels.
I know exactly how it feels to cry in the shower so that nobody can hear you,
and wait for everyone to fall asleep, so that you can fall apart,
for everything to hurt so badly, you just want everything to stop.

I know exactly how it feels ..

I know what it's like to scream so loudly, but so silently.
you have no tears because all tears are fading.

And I am feeling so weak

will this be ended?
i don't know.

- me