Hey guyss,
So why I wrote this article, It's December and I have to admit : Today I didn't feel the Christmas mood at all. So for all of you that have the same problem, put on some Christmas music and let's make you excited!

1. The music is oh so cosy
Oh yes I am that typical girl who's ears are filled with all the amazing lyrics. Like Shake up the happiness, come on yo it's Christmas time! or Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight, oh and let's not forget Now the jingle hop has begun yeah, I'm kind of obsessed

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2. Another cosy thing!
Excuse me if I get a little bit to obsessed, but that Christmas room decor.. It blows my mind again and again. I think I will make another article about this soon, but here are some examples :

home, bedroom, and room image christmas, winter, and light image christmas, room, and winter image home, christmas, and decoration image

3. Fairy lights
Yup, Fairy lights. We are finally allowed to hang them in our rooms without anyone saying that 'It's still 6 months till Christmas' or that 'Fairy lights are for Christmas, not for decor!' Because literally, who made that up? Fairy lights are cool all through the year.

lights, coffee, and winter image fairy, fairy lights, and hands image

4. Presents!
I think this is the best thing about Christmas. Even though I actually don't celebrate it with my family, I'm planning on giving myself a present. You know just a little bit Selflove mixed with the excitement of unwrapping a present.

christmas, winter, and gift image christmas, present, and winter image

5. Food
The stores are full of candy and other tasty Christmas food. Our ovens are filled with the smell of fresh cookies. Oh and let's not forget the hot choco!

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6. Movies I have to say, I almost never watch Christmas movies. But when I saw all the articles mentioning them, I had to include it. I am gonna watch some of the Christmas movies in these articles soon :
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7. The meaning
Through all the Christmas decoration and movies we should not forget the meaning of this holiday. Our savior being born. I don't know about you guys but this only makes my Christmas better. So much better.

Image by Kayla Christ, christmas, and jesus image

This was it. I hope you got into the Christmas mood and early Merry Christmas!

X Vera