hey guys, i took a little break from writing seeing as i wrote for a week straight, but i'm back! today i'm going to be sharing my outfits of the week. enjoy!
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on sunday, i hung out with my family and put decorations up, so i wore a grey sweatshirt and leggings. i completed the look with fuzzy socks. lastly, i threw my hair into a ponytail.


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i had school on monday, so i wore a green and grey flannel i got from my grandpa. i wore a simple white tank top and paired them with light washed jeans. i straightened my hair and completed the look with my vans skate hi-top in black. (i'm not sure what they're actually called but that's what i've always called them.)


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i also had school on tuesday, i didn't feel good on this day, so i threw on a simple red hoodie from a college that's near where i live. i wore another pair of leggings and a pair of moccasins i got from target a few days prior. i finished the look with a high-pony.


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on wednesdy, i wore a grey cardigan and a purple and white acid washed shirt from american eagle. i paired it with dark-washed jeans and a pair of grey vans skate hi-top. i decided to straighten my hair again.


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suprise! another lazy day. i couldn't find an outfit for today so i wore another hoodie and leggings. i wore my moccasins again.


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on friday i wore a blue and white stripped shirt i found while thrifting and light-washed jeans. i paired it with a maroon brallete and white converse. i straightened my hair again, no surprise.


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today i'm wearing a new york shirt and leggings. i'm also wearing a pair of my volleyball socks and birkenstocks. my hair's in a high pony.


thanks so much for reading! my weeks outfits are a little all over the place, but i loved the idea of sharing my outfits of the week, so i decided to do it anyways. i hope you enjoyed, and if you did, check out my other articles:

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