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I daydream about my dream house a lot and in my free time I actually like to design my dream home.
One thing that has been clear the whole time is that my dream house has to have a home office. I'd like to have a separate space where I can do all of my creative work. And since I love to work, I find this space really important and so I have created a short list of the key things I want in my office.

Ideally the space would be quite big with a light colour palette and big windows.

w i s h l i s t

Light colour palette

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The overall look of the office would be neutral. I'd like to keep the big surfaces light coloured and bring colour to the space through the inspiration wall, textiles, plants and other smaller objects.

A big desk

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A big desk is a must as I sometimes have a lot going on at the same time and trying to work with a small desk is a nightmare. A little dream is to have a glass top. I also love the idea of having sawhorse legs.

A calendar

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A big calendar on the wall would really help me keep up with everything that's coming up.

Inspiration wall

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This is also a must for my dream office. I love having inspiring pictures on the wall and glancing at them when I feel like I need some inspo.

Organizing is key

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The key to having an inspirational and motivating space is to keep everything clean and organized. It stresses me when things aren't where they're supposed to be.

Sitting area

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I'd like to have a small sitting area in my office as I sometimes like to work in a more relaxed way.

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Thanks for reading!
- n o o ra n i e m i n e n