Well I should probably introduce myself first, My name is Wendy and I am almost 21 years old. When I first signed on WeHeartIt, I simply enjoyed looking at posts and saving some ideas that I'd personally like to try. Ever since I began reading different articles and seeing how there are many other people that share the same perspectives. I began to ponder the idea of writing my own. Sure, I probably won't get many views or hearts. But, I am mostly doing this for myself, I like writing (even when I don't use the most perfect grammar). And hey, you never know if maybe you have a knack for this. So I really just wanted to give this a shot. I'd just like to let you know a few of the things my next articles will be about. So mainly right now my train of thought is to maybe begin with my day to day thought and what new or important that happened during my week. Like these past few months, Whew! They've just been something else. And its what pushed to really find a website I most connected with and see myself writing in. I hope you guys will stick around and follow my page for my upcoming articles, you may or may not like it, I'd just like to see maybe a few people check it out, maybe we have more stuff in common.