Hi, first of all, I have to say that my first lenguage is Spanish, I'm doing this to practice my English, so you'll find a lot of grammar mistakes.

Hey there I'm Feeny :D

I decided to do this cause recently I haven´t had time to think what to write here, the school finals are literally kicking my ass.

So... thanks for return and hope you enjoyed.

1. If you were a Season?

dog, fall, and cute image
I Love Rain, but also Halloween and the weader of this season, its just the best.

2. If you were an Animal?

dog, cute, and animal image art, wolf, and painting image Image by wise witch. animals, fluffy, and fox image
I Just can't decided for one, I love this four and my heart will live in every one of them, Iugh that sounds cheesy

3. If you were a Country?

adventure and cuba image
I would definitely be CUBA, its just so classic and cool. I love it.

4. If you were a character from Friends or How I met your mother?

friends, chandler bing, and funny image funny, how i met your mother, and barney image
From Friends I choose Chandler and from HIMYM i choose Barney, they are just as sarcastic as I am, and the girls from both tv shows are great but I did't feel Identify with any of them.

5. If you were a car?

car, mercedes, and vintage image
A classic

6. If you were a colour?

architecture, old, and building image

7. If you were an outfit?

historic, historical, and spring image
Victorian Era

8. If you were a TV series?

that 70's show image
That 70 Show

9. If you were a book ?

book, blue, and ravenclaw image
Pride and Prejudice

10. If you were a Disney Princess?

snow, hand, and winter image dress, blonde, and blue image snow, winter, and nature image quote image
This princess is really powerfull and she doesn't need a man.. ELSA

Thanks so much for reed this, I Love You Guys.

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