It's christmas time which means it's cozy time. For your super cozy Sundays, you might be searching for some calm, lovely, magic movies. Here are five recommendations:

Mansfield Park

mansfield park image
Fanny is one of the most amazing female Jane Austen characters ever.

This movie, based on a book by Jane Austen, is all you wish for in any Austen movie. Lovely background music, beautiful dresses, gentlemen, crazy love stories and one awesome female character that you cry and laugh and love with. You will fall in love with Fanny.

The Princess Bride

the princess bride image
Inigo Montoya will win your heart.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, do it now!! It is based on a book by William Goldman. It is very funny and intelligent and has this fairytale-glow. If you are looking for something magical and witty, with a cute love story and pretty men (also young Robin Wright as lovely, strong princess!), then this is perfect for you.

Ten Inch Hero

Jensen Ackles, movie, and punk image
Jensen Ackles as sweet punk? Yes please.

Okay, Supernatural Fans most likely know about this beautiful movie, which is the movie where Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris met and fell in love. That fact aside, this movie has all you can wish for. A quirky young woman who is searching for the child she once gave away, a café by the sea, a hot sweet punk, hippies, a complicated love story and a shy girl who is looking for the love of her life online. WATCH IT! The music is great, the whole story is very moving and in the end you will feel happy.

Midnight in Paris

rain, midnight in paris, and couple image
A movie about the golden 20s in Paris.

This movie is fantastic. Ever wanted to travel back in time to the golden 20s? You know, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso? Then this is for you. The mood is great and it introduces the glory of the time and its great artists in a lovely way. Not to mention that Rachel McAdams, Tom Hiddlestone and Marie Cotillard will enchant you.

The devil wears Prada

the devil wears prada image
Fashion, fashion, fashion.

I don't think I have to say a lot about this movie. Anne Hathaway's character starts working for one of the most influential fashion people played by Meryl Streep. It is a very lovely movie and especially cool if you are into the whole fashion business.

Thanks a lot for reading my article and have fun with the recommendations. :-)