Hi lovelies!!!!! I'll be sharing you my christmas essentials....

1. Body and Face Moisturizer

body, cosmetics, and face image body, cosmetics, and face image beauty, health, and coconut oil image girl, girl stuff, and lotion image

2. Cocoa powder

chocolate and sweet image tiramisu, dessert, and food image

3. Candles

b&w, candle, and christmas image autumn, tumblr, and cozy image

4. Jackets and/or Coats

Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, style, and jacket image blazer, fashion, and street style image Image by patricia carrera

5. Red Lipstick

girl, smoke, and cigarette image lana del rey, lust for life, and cherry image quotes, Angelina Jolie, and life image fashion, girl, and gloss image

6. Roses

Image by Yessnia_hmara aesthetic, red, and theme image

7. Lip Balm

nivea image bees, lips, and natural image

8. Body scrub

lush, beauty, and candle image body, coffee, and health image beauty, natural, and bonneefahlstrom image best friends, summer, and body image

9. Socks

nike, pool, and socks image heels and shoes image

10. Beanies

girl, christmas, and winter image aww, beanies, and hot asf image donut, girls, and jackets image beanie, black girl, and black hair image

Thank You!!!!! Byeeeee......