This is my first article,and sorry if i have some spelling mistakes,bc in my coutry people don` t speak English.So like you can tell,this post will be some facts about me.

1) I am a big potterhead,and i am in Slytherin,and honestly i guess i am a mix between Gryffindor and Slytherin ( like Harry xD).

2)I am a aquaris ( 27th january ),and i don`t belive in zodiac,but still its interesting.

3)I am very good at physic,biology and geography.

4)I wish i can live in Norwey,bc i love their culture,langauge,everything-

5)I love to read,and i am one of this girls,who always have a book in hands.

6)I actually like to be alone,i have friends but like i am better alone,i more enjoy alone.

7) I love to trevel,and i will like to meet my internet friend who is 2,876 km away.

8)I am from Europe,like you can guess.( bc i use km not milles)

9)I like to edit,photos,videos,everything.

10) I am not that much emotional,sometimes is like i don`t have feelings at all.

11)I like science fiction,or anything where i can imagine.

12)I am negative thinker ( i wish i am positive but i like myself,so..)

And that is that for this article.Bye