okay, so first of all loving yourself isn't really easy. everybody has their flaws. and maybe to you some girl or guy may look beautiful, but they might not think the same about themselves all the time.

the prettiest of girls, might think their not pretty somedays. and that is totally okay. it is okay to feel down some days. you don't have to be this confident, sassy fun person everyday. its okay to feel.

somedays i feel so confident about my body, about the way i look with my glasses or my hair tied up. but somedays i dont like how my body or my face or hair looks. but its okay.

but when someone tells you you're beautiful, don't deny it. thank them.
because if you aren't even a little bit confident about how you look, people won't be nice to you about it either. there are people who will take advantage of that and make you feel even worse about yourself.

and if you keep comparing yourself to someone, you will never be happy with yourself. sure, they is always someone better, but that doesnt really change anything. maybe someone looks even better than you, but they aren't you. they dont posses the skills you do. everybody is different in their own and yet the same too. we all feel. we all love/hate.

you're probably someone a person wishes they looked like.
so to all the skinny girls who call themselves fat, here's why it pisses people off -
because there's people who wished they were your weight, people who are killing themselves to look like you or have your body.
what im trying to say is, skinny/fat, appreciate your body. there's people dying to gain some weight, people wishing they looked like you.

being confident is not about how much better you are than anyone, its about how much better you feel about yourself and how other people's opinions don't really matter.

today, i realized this. im not really the best looking, neither am i skinny nor fat. but jeez, i love myself and i wouldnt want to have anyone else's body. so what if i have to wear an extra size larger than my friends? its my size. im wearing it so it fits me, not so i can fit into it.

so its okay, to feel let down about yourself sometimes. but keep in mind these points. accept yourself. we dont always look good. sometimes we're a bit lazy to dress up. sometimes it's just not our day.

and remember, what really matter is what's on the inside.
be kind.
spread happiness and joy.

do something amazing this christmas that'll make you happy.
its okay to be selfish.
its okay to be flawed
its okay to be skinny
or fat.

everyone is human.
everyone feels.
everyone makes mistakes.
you'll be okay.

- littleflowerrgirll