People are planets.
They have their own world
deep inside their mind
to let their imagination go wild.

I was heart-broken by my first date
he made my planet unable to feel that sweet,
sweet freedom again.
My joy was forgotten, sadness ruled for a while.

So, I became self-aware and thought more
about how my planet seemed too open
to other people to glimpse it and decide
to go or stay.

I imagined pushing away everything dear to me away
in the deep core of the planet
locked my childhood like forgotten toys,
forbid any trust to be allowed outside like a jail.

I admit, I was mostly cruel to my heart.
I didn't care that it wanted to heal,
I didn't care that it wanted to move on,
I didn't care that it thought something better waited out there.
I was just heartless.

I kept it hidden somewhere no one will ever notice,
and surrounded my planet with fire rings as a last defense.

then again, hearts always heal, no matter what you do.
Even as I was cruel, it understood why.
Even as I was heartless, it understood why.
It just knew.

So, it escaped one day, when it healed.
It got out one starry night when the planet was asleep,
listening to my night thoughts,
feeling how everything was still and hollow.

Of course, as a heart, it didn't like it.
Too dead, to be fair.
No dreams.
No laughter.
Why only emptyness?

My heart did something only an emotional person would do
without any logic.
Because it wants to bring the happiness and love
back, back home.

'Remember', my heart shouted at the stars,
beating alive,
'remember that one night you met that boy?
That boy who came to you and told us we seem alone?'

Doors started opening,
my imagination waking up,
they all wondered what was all
this sudden noise about.

'Remember', it continued, 'how you started talking with him?
So easy, you said? So easy to speak with him, no worries, no harm.
He liked you, you knew that.
But you didn't know you like him all the same.'

'You were scared, vulnerable,' the heart spoke softly,
'You didn't have me then to know,
You left me with the other one,
You just didn't want anything to do with me.'

'I understand,' the heart whispered as rain started to pour,
'I will always love you.
And I will always wait until
you want me back again.'