A little little fox got lost in the forest
Went too far away from his mother
Maybe if he wasn’t so small
It wouldn’t be so bad.

The flying lights leaded his way
He could only see
As long as it didn’t fade
As long as they wouldn’t leave.

The water of a waterfall
Sounded from afar
And if you heard the noise
You didn’t expect the size.

The little, little fox found his way
To the waterfall where magic was,
Hopes and dreams ruled there
And creatures lived in peace.

He was no longer scared
So he sized his was
To that crystalline water
And observe the beautiful things.

The fox got lost
But stayed in the forest
For as long as he could remember
By his own will.

This waterfall
Used to be
His new home.

  • yup, no image in this one rigth now, yes it did it. i really couldn't post because this two past days were just insane in SO many ways, it was just too much so yeah. but I did do the stories, tho no. 11 is still in my mind because I couldn't hadle to put it on paper without laughing and it's suposed to be serious so i'll post it when I have it completed.