How much I loved you was beyond me.

I loved you so much that to me the feeling was more than enough,
it was so much, that my whole universe was held together by it.
So much that I never,
not even for one second,
imagined it couldn’t be the same for you.

How much I loved you was consuming.
I loved you so much that just the touch of your hand could light up my soul and make it blow fireworks,
that a glance could take me far from everything and everyone,
for it to be just us.

How much I loved you was maddening.
I loved you so much that you were the only thought in my head,
in long days and sleepless nights,
my 3:00 a.m. shooting star and sudden afternoon rain.

I loved you so much I never thought I had to say it.
I loved you so much I never thought you were missing something.
I loved you so much…

God, did I love you.

I loved you so much I thought our love was the only thing the world could see.
I made a mistake by not telling you so many things, things that for me there was no way could pass unnoticed by anyone.

Because, who could not love the way your lips mimicked the words of songs that played on the radio that you would never dare to sing out loud.
Who could not love the way you went on and on about your dreams and the endless possibilities of life.
Who could not love you,
with your beautiful smile,
your grinning blue eyes
and your wonderful mind.

I loved your sense of humor, your laughter, which could only make me laugh even more, walking through the streets with your fingers intertwined with mine,
letting the world know it was us,
and nobody else could have that.

I loved you, and somehow I managed to break you by not saying so much, because I didn’t think it was necessary.
I was so in love with the feeling you gave me that I never stopped to think what you needed too.
And the only thing I can give you now is this;
my heart,
my thoughts,
everything I never said but should have.
This are the only words I can use to say I’m sorry for not saying the only thing you wanted me to tell you;

How much I loved you.