Soooo, it's the first day od December, so winter is definitely on its way! Today, I'm going to share some fun winter activities you can do with friends and family. Please leave a like!!!!! :)

1. Decorate Your Room

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Decorate your room with a Christmas tree, warm blankets, and anything cozy.

2. Bake Cookies

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Bake some delicious cookies and share them or save them all for yo self.

3. Donate

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Donate to people in need whether it's food or clothing.. you're definitely gonna make a difference in someone's life!!!

4. Play in the Snow

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If you live somewhere with snow, play in it. Make a snowman or an angel... it's so fun!

5. White Elephant Gifts

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White Elephant is basically a Secret Santa. I'd recommend to have a price range. Everyone gets a present within the budget that they think someone may like. You don't know who will get your gift, so choose wisely. Draw names to see who gets to select a present first.

6. Buying Presents

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(SHOUTOUT TO @secretlysmiles !!!!!!!) Buy some present for your family and friends.
^Check this article out for Christmas ideas.^

7. Buy Winter Clothing

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You may have outgrown some of your winter clothing in the past year. Try on your clothes to see if you need anymore of anything.

8. Make a Christmas List

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Want anything for Christmas? Make a Christmas list so you can remember all your items you would like.

9. Watch a Christmas Movie

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Christmas movies are great for weekends, Christmas break... you name it. My favorite is "e.l.f." and "Home Alone".

10. Make Décor

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If some Christmas decorations are too expensive(which is quite true nowadays), make your own! A simple decoration is a paper snowflake. Hang these with fairy lights for a beautiful touch by a window.

That's it for this article. I'll try to post more, maybe one a week. Thanks for reading my article, and until then, see you next week!
With love and happy holiday wishes,
Allie <3