Hello Fantabulous Hearters! Happy December! I’ll be doing #Blogmas (thanks to @HeyMyNameIsYasmin for inspiring me!) I’m not sure if I can post every single day but I will definitely try (they won’t ALL be Christmas themed but a significant amount will be!)

So to start off this winter season I am doing a list of the things I am grateful for during the Christmas season!

❅The Happiness is contagious at this time of year! Everywhere there are smiles and laughter! The happiness that is spread at this time of year honestly brings hope back to me, showing that our society isn’t completely dying. It tis the season to be jolly after all!

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❅Is it me, or do Christmas songs never get old? I love to dance and sing to Christmas songs and even just listen to them in the background! There are so many beautiful Christmas songs out there and remakes that it seems impossible to have heard it all before! Before you continue reading, turn those Christmas tunes uppp!

❅Hot drinks, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, they are all delicious! To me there’s nothing like being out in the freezing weather just to come inside and sip your drink and feel the warmth spread through you to every frozen bone and muscle! Wether you head out to starbucks or make up your own concoction, the warm drinks are to much to pass up!

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❅Ok, I’ll admit I am obsessed with anything and everything fuzzy! Fuzzy blankets, socks, you name it, I love it! There is nothing that compares to wrapping yourself up in fuzziness and just melting into it!

Please wait while I get my fuzzy blanket.....

Now that I’m all set let’s continue ;)

❅LIGHTSSSS! I have lights set up in my room,
and all over the house! Lights are dazzling at any time of the year but lights at Christmas time take my breath away! It makes me so happy to see the Christmas tree lit up and houses, everything, it almost provides a new perspective to things!

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❅Books! Half the time of I’m not online it’s because I’m lost in a book. I read all day everyday, all year long! But at Christmas time when everything is cozy, it’s so comforting to grab your fuzzy attire, hot cocoa,sit by the cackling fire as it snows outside and read your heart out!

❅Snow activities! When it snows you better believe I’ll be out soaking it all in! I love to ice skate, ski, and sled. But I also love to throw snowballs or just make snow angels! Think that’s childish? Try it! It’s so much fun no matter how old you get! If you have snow take advantage of it! And go walk through that winter wonderland!

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❅Who else loves all the smells of winter? From peppermint to just standing outside and smelling the air! There is so many ways to smell it! Smell your tree (if it’s real!), light a candle,smell your drink, or even put some essential oils into your diffuser and sink into the wonderful smells!

❅I love to decorate! DIY and binge buying are definitely something I do! I can’t help it! There are so many amazing ways to decorate that you have to take advantage of it! Decorate!!!

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❅A tradition for me is to watch the Nutcracker ballet every year! I’ve seen it professionally and I’ve seen my local one! Either way is absolutely capturing and beautiful! If you don’t watch it yearly I defiantly recommend you watch it sometime!

❅December is also the last year of the month! Which means 2018 here we come! If you’ve had a wonderful year, bring that to a closure and prepare for another amazing year! If you’ve had a pretty horrible one, good news your fresh start is right around the corner!

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❅I think by now you understand, but I love snow! It’s beautiful and unique yet cold! Snow represents so much, that I could talk about it forever! I’m so lucky to be able to see snow every year!

We are like snowflakes beautiful in our own unique way

❅December like November is a time of giving! Give even if you don’t receive its a beautiful thing to see people smile!

There is so so much more to Winter that I didn’t list above! What are YOU thankful for this winter season! Stay warm everyone!


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