Beauty and femininity are in us. Yes, in you, when you read this article it can frown, by the way, it does not stand like that. And yes, and in you, you hurry to college or you are in bed before you fall asleep. Yes. You really. I hope I caught your attention so far, because I will tell you something. Something important: you are beautiful, you are special, you are perfect just as you are. Just as you were supposed to be. With that straw tooth that despairs you, the big ears that always make you wear your loose hair, the nose that you look frustrated in the mirror.

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Who invented the standards we are facing now? Who decided that the perfect woman has tiny nose, huge lips, perfect skin and long hair? Who?

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I want to ask you to think about one thing. What has the "world" ever done for you to try so hard to please? Has he ever done anything? Why do you listen to it and not to your own intuition? Why do not you listen to the soul and why you always think before people around you say. You should say "fuck it" and do what makes you happy, fulfilled, free.

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Not long ago I heard a discussion between two mature women:

"I'd like to paint my hair brunette but i am scared that my husband will leave me" one of them said. I find it so wrong. The people in our lives who love us accept the changes altogether, if they bring us joy.

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What I find sadder is that I see beautiful women around me who change their looks just because society teaches them that the "beautiful woman" has to be a living doll. Wrong. Beauty stays in other things and people who are able to see this are, in turn, good people who shine in the crowd. Beauty is in the eye. Beauty is in raset. Beauty is in the attitude towards the others. Our thoughts are nothing more than our mirror. Beautiful people see the beauty.

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I think I know who I am today. An adolescent who comes out of her comfort zone and exposes herself, has something to say. And how could I need someone to validate when I got the most important vote of confidence. From me ... for me.

Who are you today?

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