Hey!, welcome to my first article
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Amber - Love Run

i really love Amber so, her songs must be here. these songs are so romantic and beautiful, you should listen them

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Amber - Need to feel needed
Special recommendation : Bolbbalgan4

Who are them?
Also known as Blushing Youth they are a south korean duo.
The duo consists of Ahn Ji-young and Woo Ji-yoon

their voices are so cute and beautiful (i'm in love with Ji Young's voice). they have beautiful songs too, please listen and support them!

Some of their songs :

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Bolbbalgan4 - Grumpy
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Bolbbalgan4 - Tell me you love me
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Bolbbalgan4 - Galaxy
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BTS - Nevermind

this song is really inspiring and makes you feel that you are unstoppable, you can do everything you want

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Bap - Honeymoon

I love this song, the lyrics, rhythm, everything is perfect in this song

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Winner - Sentimental

this song is really cool, it's a bit known but anyway, i recommend you listen it

That's all!, i hope you like these songs, if you like them, listen and support their artists!