It's officially the first of December!! Christmas is coming. One thing that comes to my mind when I think about Christman is vlogmas. Vlogmas is when YouTubers vlog every single day from the first of December till Christmas.

You can't vlog on we heart it, so I came up with something else. hereby I introduce to you: Writemas.

book, christmas, and coffee image

Writemas is kind of the same as vlogmas. The only thing that's different is that you aren't posting vlogs. But articles on we heart it with the topic Christmas/winter. So hereby the first day of Writemas!

snow and winter image

I think that it will be a challenge to post something every day. But I know we can do it!! And it will be really rewarding.

Messages about what you want me or other Writemas writers to write about are always welcome. Writemas has officially started!! good luck to everyone who's going to start!

Xx britt