Hey guys now that December is officially here. I'm going to be writing some fun holiday and winter themed articles, throughout the month. To give you ideas for the holidays and get you in the holiday spirit!

Today I'm going to share with you ideas on how to decorate your christmas tree! You can decorate it however and with whatever you want these are just some ideas for those who have been lazy about it! And if you already have one up maybe you can decorate a mini one for your bedroom.

The Classics

Yellow Lights

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lights scream holiday season! they're pretty, shiny but are also very useful in the dark. instead of studying under a lamp, study under the pretty lights of your christmas tree.

Rainbow Lights

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Yellow lights are a tradition but colored lights make the season twice as pretty. With these your tree will be pretty spontaneous.

Sphere Ornaments

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these are important! you can be simple and pick one-two colors if you like organization. Or go crazy like me and put multiple colors.


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with ribbon you can choose one solid color and wrap it around the christmas tree. Or make little bows and fill it up with them.

Spontaneous Decor

Christmas Cards

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In my family it's a tradition to put a few christmas cards we have received throughout the years on our christmas tree. As we put them up, we re-read them and it brings us joy. It's also a great way to cover empty spots.

Candy Canes

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Candy canes sweeten up your christmas tree! Fill it up with them and you can eat one everyday as a countdown for christmas or any other festive holiday you celebrate.

Gift Cards

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Another great way to cover empty spots is with gift cards. Also a great way to prevent them from getting lost in the pile of gifts.


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Snowflakes don't only make great decoration. They are super fun to make. Gather up with your family and have fun making snowflakes to decorate your tree with.


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Anything can be an ornament! Gingerbreadmans , penguins, reindeer, mini claus'. Grab paper, yarn, any craft you need to make your own ornaments.Get creative! It's fun to come up with your own ornaments.


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whether you put the star on top or not. stars never hurt no one. they make your tree sparkle and some even light up.

These are just 10 of many things you can decorate your christmas tree with.Maybe you like simplicity and maybe you love to go all out. Whatever you decide i'm sure your tree will look amazing. Just invite friends and family to help you out. It's a nice way to bond and enjoy this holiday season. Maybe you enjoy doing it alone and a nice holiday playlist also makes good company. Happy Holidays, until next time.

- Dulce (@aestheticaliens - now @nonsensica)

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