Day 1: Your current relationship, If you're single discuss how your single life is.

Well, honestly I don't know what I am right now, I'm in a half relationship? More like I treat a guy as if we're together and he does the same, but we've never really said we're dating or anything. If someone asks me, I say I'm single. But if someone asks about my relationship with that guy, I say we're somehow together but not really.
At times, this makes me super confused, like does he like me? If he does then why didn't he ask me to be his girlfriend yet? What if he does, but isn't into relationships? I don't know.
At other times, it makes me feel lonely, I keep on wondering, what if he ditches me just like that. Out of nowhere without saying a thing. This situation probably won't last long, but I'm overall happy. At least for now, I am.