Hi, this is my first article. I wanted to share with you guys some things I’ve learnt this year. It seems like this is very easy to understand, however it is a process.
I hope you like it or help you in some way

  • Accepting and resigning are two different things

Resign is to stay in this kind of victimhood, to lock in the idea that there is no other way. Accept is take what is happening as something natural, as a reality that is there. Open yourself to new paths.

  • Don’t look for perfection

Being ambitious is good but aiming for perfection is unrealistic and debilitating, if we wait to be happy at the moment we have our problems solved and goals achieved, we will see our whole life pursuing a happiness that will never come.

  • Be proactive

Make your own decisions take the iniciative, create your own opportunities instead of just watch how things happen

  • Stop overthinking

Overthinking is caused by fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of the unknown, avoid focusing on the problem and focus on what can go well and what you can do best

  • Don't isolate youself

Sometimes it's good to be by yourself to think or reflect. But isolation is a wall that doesn't allow you to relate or be happy. Encourage yourself to talk and say what you think. Be around people with whom you can feel more comfortable and that appreciate who you are
This still being difficult for me cause i'm way to shy but i'm trying