that's the question that everybody asks, and its one of the hardest to answer.
when i was in highschool i used to date every guy i knew, nothing really serious, just to explore and search for love. in that moment i didnt thought that was wrong, all my friends did it, its not like we played with the guys feelings, they just knew it wasnt reall, it was just a having fun deal.

obviously i got lot of pactictice on how to conquer a guy, how to treat them so they didnt loose interest, how to be for them to like me, because thats what i wanted, people that liked me and told me how pretty i was. but in the meadle of this i decided to have a reall relationship with someone i thought i had a really good conection, i thought wrong, he was so nice in the beginning but as the time passed he become so jealous and violent, but i thought that was okay, that he just wanted to protect the relationship, finally we broke up, it was really hard, he didnt want it to finish so he threatened me several times, but well highschool finished and i went to college.

like in every school, the new ones are fresh meat for the old ones in campus, but i had this promisse about not getting involved with anyone, because of my last relationship. that promisse didnt last long, i saw a really handsome guy, with such a great personality, that kind of guy of whom you can fell in love at first sight.

we beggan dating, loving each other, i really thought this was going to be my fairy tale, at that moment, love was for me everithing in the world, the sky, music, art, nature, he´s smell, smile, the way he made me feel everytime he touched me and looked and me, but then things changed, and the way i described love did too.

love is so diferent for everyone, but i think we all feel something similar in that right moment, is that moment when you feel everything and nothing at the same time, when you float, when yoou feel warmness all over your body, and everything around you is so intense and then it just disapears. i still dont have an answer, but its so strong that it makes you move every obstacle that puts in danger that feeling, its amazing, the problem comes when the one you love doesnt love you as hard as you do, or when they start loosing that love for you.

thats what happened to my fairy tale.