we all watch shows
we all stay in front of our computers/laptops for hours and finish a season in a day
we all watch many movies in a day
we all love many fictional characters

we love them so much, even more than real people...
because there were there when no one was...
teaching us
how to love...
how to fight...
how to be strong...
that is okay to not be okay.

even though in reality bad people always win, still in movies, the end is always good, it's sad I know but... we need hope, trust, and they give it to us every second.
we need to believe that something good can happen, that's why they exist.

it's so sad that they're no real. we need them, right here and right now.
to help us, to be someone, to be better humans.
in this world no human has rights to speak
remember that even characters are created by someone and they're controlled... people create their words, their moves, their life...

Never forget them, never forget the moments that saved your life, the stories that made you live more, that made you believe in love, in hope.

don't you just love romance/comedy/action movies?
don't you just love when you wait for your favorite show to start?
don't you just love finishing a season in a day?
don't you just love meeting and watching new characters?
don't you just love the drama?
don't you just love crying over the characters?
don't you just love while watching your fave show, you eat your fave food?
don't you just love how perfectly created are the characters? how strong they are?

-how wonderful are those movies with superheroes... some guys teaming up together to save the world. with their amazing costumes, and their

-how perfect are those shows with supernatural creatures? humans and vampires loving each other... blood looks so damn good on them...

-how amazing are those action movies? after you see their badass movies, you wanna be an assassin too.

-how good are those comedy movies? they make you happy when you're depressed.

-how sad is when you learn that your favorite show is going to end or there are no movies of your favorite trilogy movies?

oh... and the couples... couple goals, all what we need.

see how much they have affected your life? that you can't live without
them? that you need in every single moment?

and if you ask me yes. I love fictional characters WAY more than real humans. I don't care if you judge me.

Even the villains in movies, are better than the actual bad people.

If I had the chance, I would bring all my favorite characters into out world, but that's not possible... How tragic.
What about you?
Have you ever thought this?

They're our heroes. They teach us how to survive LIFE. No seriously. How do you know that an apocalypse is not going to happen?

We read them in books and we imagine the situation, but then we see them in movies and we actually see the situation. They're so beautiful and they make me feel alive.

"Some stories stay with us FOREVER."

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