Day 1, my introduction

Hello beautiful people,
my name is Julia and I am 15 years old. I live in a, at the moment, cold country..! I am not from an English-speaking country, so feel free to correct me if I misspell anything!
My hobbies include singing, sleeping, eating, going to the gym, being with people, not being with people and watching Netflix.
I also love listening to music, my favourite artists at the moment are Sam Smith, Harry Styles, Imagine Dragons and Queen.
If I have to chose one movie I only get to watch for the rest of my life it would probably be White Chicks, I love that movie!
I am at the moment trying to learn Spanish in school, I really like the language so I hope to get better soon, hahah. Other than Spanish I am pretty much fluent in English and I also speak my own country's language fluent. My favourite subject in school is actually English.
Right now I am very happy, because it is December and I love winter, Christmas and everything that comes with!

adventure, aesthetic, and grunge image
I had to put in this picture, because as I said I looove winter..!

Hugs & kisses