Everyone sees something different in this season.

I'm sure you know a girl who's waiting for it to start wearing nice girly sweatshirts and post pretty quotes under white miraculous photos with snow in instagram. Or you do so too.

sweater, blue, and style image

Or your variant is cozy plaid, a cup of hot delicious coffee and a book. Sit comfortly somewhere near the window - ideally on the windowsill and wearing terry socks with funny deers or santas.

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Or you're looking forward parties with your friends, stupid Merry-Christmas songs played in every cafe or just holidays when you can stay away from school at least for some time.

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Close your eyes and imagine your further two-three weeks... do you feel that loved smell of tangerines?.. see those snowmen out of the window... feel the mystery and wonder while decorating a New Year tree... see those sparks and lights in the evening and hear that Jingle-Bells-song...

Everything you've been think about will take place if you want.

Just do all the things depending on you, and leave a place for a small miracle💫🌟

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I hope you enjoyed your first winter day))