Hello babes! Today I will give you tips and things you should know before starting a We Heart It account!

1: You should decide on if you will be the hearter or if you will be the one posting or both! Posting takes up time and you would have to put them in collections and such. Being a hearter is easy and simple. I'm not saying you should be a hearter that's just my opinion!

2: There will be haters. I understand no one wants haters. That's just how life is, one thing i know is they cant stop you from doing what you want to do! You go girl!

3: You meet new people! We heart it is a great way to meet new people and become friends! I personally love meeting new people and if your shy, here's your chance to meet new people and to be yourself.

4: You can express yourself! Articles is a great way to express your feelings! Many people express their feelings in the articles and they don't mind.

Thanks for reading, this was all i could think of right now and i'll probably edit it another day if i have more ideas!

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