we spend a lot of time talking about specific parts of our bodies that we've been taught to see as flawed ; stomachs that aren't flat , thights that aren't smooth, arms that wobble and backs that ripple. We don't talk enough about what all those supposed 'flaws' have in common , and why we've been taught to see them as flaws in the first place.
The Problem isn't individual body parts. The problem is fatphobia. We live in a culture that teaches us to fear and hate fatness. And by extension , to fear and hate fatness. We're taught a million different steretypes about what fatness means ; laziness, ugliness, unhealthiness, and above all, personal failure.
These stereotypes are what allow people to justify the marginalisation of fat bodies , and the cultural fatphobia that's created is the root of so many of the things we belive to be flaws. We don't need to work on accepting our stomaches or our cellulite, we need to work on dismating fatphobia in all its forms.
Stomachs rolls aren't flwas becaue fatness is not a flaw.
Arms that jiggle aren't flwas because fatness is not a flaw.
Thights that bulge or dimple or take up space aren't flaws because fatness is not a flaw.

The only way that we free ourselves from diet culture and body hatred is by recognising that the real culprit is the fear of fat that our society has ingrained in us. Which means we have to confront the sterotypes and prejudices we hold fatness , and unlearn the fuck out of them.
we have to neutralise the word fat. we have to uplift and celebrate fat bodies that have been pushed to the margins of society for so long . we have to question the medicalisation of fatness . we have to question the medicalisation of fatness. WE HAVE TO REDEFINE WHAT FATNESS MEANS IN OUR CULTURE. When we do that , nobody will have to wonder how they can accept a flaw on their body that comes from being toooooo fat , because they won't have been taught to see it as a flaw in the first place