Hello again and happy December everyone!! Since the month of Christmas is finally here (wohoo), and since I'm feeling the vibes now more than ever, I thought of sharing with you 10 Things that give me- and will give you too- the Christmas Spirit! Enjoy...

1. Advent Calendars

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The meaning of Advent calendars is not to recievie big and expensive presents every day of Christmas. The fun and excitement lies in waking up to a new, little surprise everyday

2. Decorated shops

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Walking down streets of decorated shops while the snow falls down, is just what I need to get in the right mood for Christmas <3

3. The smell of Christmas trees

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Is this just me? And yes, I'm talking about the real trees haha. During the holiday I regularly walk over to the tree in our house to smell it :))

4. Decorating the tree

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This is probably the most exciting of all the Christmas traditions I can think of! We always do it the day before Christmas, and every single ornament has it's own story <33

5. Clementines

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Omg, The smell of these little fruits: Incredible! They are usually the first things to give me the Christmas spirit every year, and now I eat like three a day!

6. Wrapping up presents

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This takes a lot of time, but you can make it into a fun and cozy activity by using your creativity while listening to some Christmas music! Ending up with a good result will give you the best feeling!

7. Spicy Christmas drinks

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The scent of christmasy spices like cloves and cinnamon really has me going crazy for Christmas!

8. The Nutcracker

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This is a famous ballet I watch every year at Christmas time with my Family, and it's so exciting and gives me such good vibes!

9. Christmas Cartoons

christmas, disney, and mickey mouse image christmas, goofy, and minnie mouse image
Yes, this may be childish, but watching the Disney Christmas Cartoons in the holidays makes me soo nostalgic!!

10. The fireplace

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Cuddling up in front of the fireplace... do I need to say more?

-Frida <33

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