Hello there and welcome to my first article! Today, I'm going to write about five things I wanna achieve this December. I'm pretty sure many others have already done this before, but that's not gonna stop me!

#1 / Let's decorate my room!

christmas, light, and winter image cat, light, and animal image
I love fairy lights! Every room becomes unique and warm with them.

#2 / Let's build a gingerbread house!

christmas image christmas, winter, and gingerbread image
I've never done this one before, but there's a first time for everything!

#3 / Let's drink lots of hot chocolate!

winter, snow, and christmas image food, marshmallow, and chocolate image
One of the best things about winter: hot beverages! They warm the soul and the body at the same time.

#4 / Let's buy some new boots!

fashion, shoes, and style image Image by Alondra Ramos
I've had black boots every winter before, but I wanna get bright ones this year.

#5 / Let's take beautiful pictures!

snow, winter, and nature image beautiful, forest, and snow image
All I need is a camera and a walk to nearby forests. I hope there's gonna be lots of snow this year.

Thanks for checking my first article! Follow me if you'd like to read all my future ones as well. Goodbye!