This is a bit like November Favourites.

1. Coconut Oil

coconut, white, and beauty image beauty, coconut oil, and health image
Coconut Oil is the key to everything. I use it for everything. From removing my makeup to hair masks to literally everything. And it's really cheap.

2. Bio Oil

beauty, skincare, and khloe kardashian image parfum and bio oil image
Bio Oil is a lifesaver, and it's cheap too.

3. Mario Badescu - Rosewater Spray

beauty, perfume, and skincare image mario badescu image
Some people may think that it's overrated, but I really like it.

4. Calvin Klein - DownTown Perfume

calvin, cool, and down image beauty, Calvin Klein, and fashion image
I got it from my brother as one of my birthday gifts, and I really like it. I think it's underrated.

5. Versace Perfume

nails, Versace, and gold image Versace, perfume, and luxury image
My brother also got me this, and I've almost used it all.

6. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

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I got like a month ago, and I've been using it almost everyday.

This is just a short list, hope you enjoyed it.

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