Hey Hearters!

Today is the first day of December, so CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

This time of the year is full of joy, happiness, children are excited about the gifts and older people just want to be with family, friends, the loved ones. Streets are beautiful because of the shining decorations, hot chocolate smells in the air, people sing Christmas songs quietly, watch Christmas films and everybody's getting ready for the holidays!

We usually forget these days in the rest of the year, so it's really helpful to see some pictures when you need a little Christmas vibe. Okay, let's take some pictures of these joyful moments, but where to start?

Let's see some great ideas, these're 25 photos you should take this Christmas:

1. Sitting on Santa's lap

gif, christmas, and gift image christmas image

2. Wearing a Christmas hat

dog, puppy, and cute image christmas, hat, and lights image

3. Decorating the tree

christmas, winter, and tree image amazing, beautiful, and blonde image

4. Opening the presents

christmas, winter, and gift image christmas, present, and gift image

5. Watching a holiday movie

christmas, winter, and home alone image christmas, article, and movies image

6. Making cookies

christmas, winter, and Cookies image christmas, winter, and Cookies image

7. Family Christmas Best

christmas, family, and funny image family, christmas, and winter image

8. Doing a Christmas craft

christmas, diy, and ideas image Image by P. Abñez

9. In front of the tree or twinkle lights

dog, christmas, and girl image light, girl, and christmas image

10. In holiday jammies

christmas image christmas, love, and couple image

11. Kissing under mistletoe

️ouat, kiss, and once upon a time image love, kiss, and couple image

12. Reading the Christmas Story

shut up, pink, and bunny image christmas, quotes, and movie image

13. Eating Christmas breakfast

paris, food, and christmas image christmas image

14. Playing with favorite present

christmas, new year, and toy image christmas, tumblr, and winter image

15. Drinking hot chocolate

christmas, winter, and coffee image christmas, winter, and light image

16. Leaving food for reindeer

christmas, chocolate, and diy image christmas, Cookies, and food image

17. Writing a Christmas list

christmas, december, and diy image winter, christmas, and sweater image

18. Stuffing Stocking

christmas, winter, and white image christmas, winter, and stockings image

19. Wrapping/assembling presents

wrapping, diy, and present image christmas gift wrapping image

20. Enjoying sleigh ride

harry potter, hogwarts, and snow image snow, horse, and winter image

21. Holding yearly Christmas card

christmas, diy, and holidays image art, card, and christmas image

22. Caroling

snow, winter, and christmas caroling image christmas, winter, and holiday image

23. Decorating gingerbread house

christmas, winter, and food image christmas, winter, and gingerbread image

24. Filing gift boxes to donate

gift, present, and love image white, christmas, and gift image

25. Any tradition you love

christmas, winter, and coffee image snow, winter, and heart image

If you'd like to use these photo ideas, just save this picture with the ideas on it and take those photos:

christmas and photography image

I have to mention it, these're not my ideas, I saw this picture on an other website, I just wanted to show them to lot of people, because these are really great ideas!

If you want to see some cool pictures to feel the Christmas vibe even more, check my collection:

Have a Merry Christmas, Hearters!
See you in my next article!