Tidy / Clean your room:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It bedroom, home, and bed image

Tidy / Clean your desk:

room, home, and interior image room, home, and apple image

Wash yourself:

bath, candle, and girly image bath, care, and wash image

Make your room bright:

bed, bedroom, and cute image purple, stars, and aesthetic image

Light scented candles:

Image removed candle and decor image

Prepare study material:

pink, desk, and notebook image journal, pink, and stationery image

Put water:

fiji, water, and tumblr image healthy, fruit, and drink image

Turn off wifi:

school, study, and university image converse, red, and music image

Eat a piece of chocolate and relax for ten minutes:

chocolate, white, and food image candle, girly, and rose image

Make a to do list for the topics that you need to study:

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After 30 or 40 minutes, go for a walk and do excercise:

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And... enjoy studying!!

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Thank you for Reading!! See you next article^_^_^_^