Hello everyone! ♡

For many of us, travelling is a great opportunity to explore new cultures and meet new people. But how awesome would that be if you also were getting paid each time? Below there is a list of 8+1 travel jobs that you might like.

1. International Tour Guide

girl, map, and travel image travel, map, and adventure image

2. Freelance Translator

naati translation and naati translator image jasa penerjemah tersumpah and jasa penerjemah image

3. Teach English Abroad

teacher and dennis roeder image teacher and dennis roeder image

4. Blogging

girl, blonde, and fashion image summer, ocean, and travel image

5. Festival Circuit

music, party, and concert image adorable, beau, and beauty image

6. Flight Attendant

accessories, airlines, and airplane image flight attendant, girl, and cabin crew image

7. Sales representative

fashion, girl, and lady image bitch, girl, and mac image

8. Au pair

children, family, and kids image family, christmas, and winter image

9. Photographer

photographer and tumblr image girl, photography, and camera image

Hope you enjoyed! ♡