maybe you don’t know it, but you were and still are one of the most important persons i’ve met.
we’ve been trough a lot of sh!t, and yes, we won all the battles.
we won them together.

i still remember the day i decided to send you a message.
the message said “hi! (heart emoji)”.
maybe i made wrong.
maybe my life would be better without that message.
but maybe, my life would be a sh!t without you, like it’s being now.

this morning, i woke up with a message from you.
a text, exactly. saying you were leaving. this time, you were leaving, it wasn’t a joke.
but, what hurted me is that you wrote “i’m only staying with three persons”.
and obviously, i wasn’t one of them.

what happened to all those “22;22: forever”?
what happened to all those “i need to hug you”?
and, what happened to all those “goodnight, i love you”?
i suppose they were fake.

but, you know what?
who’s going to be there for you when those three friends hurt you?
when they fail you?
because, i’m not going to.
don’t ask me again to put some tags at tumblr photos.
because i’m not gonna do it.
just stay with those three friends, like you said in that fuck!ng text.
bye, fake friend, i hope your life is beautiful.

dear fake friend,
i miss you... please don't leave me.

ps: feel free to message me. ♡