Hey, guys! So, this is just something I wanted to talk about, I feel like everyone needs to hear this and inspire themselves to love and be happy.

Love Yourself

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You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are an amazing human being. You deserve the world. But, you don't see that. Why?

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Because of the world, because of society's standards of what a person needs to have to be beautiful or handsome. We judge people for what they have or don't have and I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in the world but also, myself. I admit it, I've judged people for not meeting my expectations of what they should be, all of us are amazing human beings and it isn't our place to judge.

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We hurt ourselves and change to "fit in" and it never helps. Be you. Be your wonderful self. Help people and help yourself.

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Society doesn't choose who you are, you do. You choose who you want to be and how you feel in this world. We doubt ourselves everyday, we compare ourselves to other people and live with jealousy and pain and disgust in our lives. We don't respect ourselves any longer and we wake up with an assortment of negative thoughts in our heads.

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Don't do this to yourself. You can be who you want to be and I know doubting yourself is natural, everyone does, but do not let it take control of your life.

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Love your beautiful, wonderful, inspiring self.

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