“Thankfulness creates gratitude which generates contentment that causes peace.” Todd Stocker
“Rest and be thankful.” William Wordsworth

Dear you,

I still am in awe of yesterday's news from the #WHITeam. I received the " Recognized Writer" badge and the funny thing is, I'm currently struggling to find the right words to simply say Thank you.

Being a writer means being a story teller but it also means ( for me) open a door on my thoughts, my inner self to create a bond with the world and the beautiful people in it.

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The world and society in which we live in often forget how meaningful it is to spread positivity around us because connecting with people is, I believe, the best way to open oneself to the world and to fully embrace life.

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So dear Team We Heart It and dear all of you,

Are words enough to tell you how thankful I am, hopefully they will be... Thank you for the privilege of this Recognized Writer badge, thank you for believing that through my articles I share inspirational thoughts and my perception of the world. Thank you for all the hearts you've given me, and the amazing feedbacks you sent me, it means a lot more that you think.
Thank you for giving me the determination to share more on this platform which inspires me each and everyday. The stunning variety of inspiration and the pure beauty of every person on We Heart It is astonishing, it really is a community, and not just a social media platform.

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As a story teller, being recognized as someone who creates quality content is the most rewarding thing, truly. Nonetheless, It doesn't mean that I will take it for granted. I have so many ideas for my future articles yet not so much time ( finals are coming) but I won't disappoint you.

All my Love,