There's more to music than 'meets the eye' or shall I say ears. You don't just listen to music to pass the time, or to block out the world. You don't just listen to music in your spare time or use it for background noise. No, you don't just listen to the music, you become the music. The words flow right from your earbuds and straight into your veins. They pulsate throughout your body, consuming you; wrapping you up in every single note until you aren't just feeling the words and the beat, suddenly you are them.

In the blink of an eye, all the ex-boyfriends you never had have done you terribly wrong and you're completely and utterly shattered to pieces, but then the song changes and so do you.

You were mistaken before, you're not sad, you're actually really happy. In fact, you're so happy that you can't help but smile through most of the verses you mouth and you don't know when your foot started tapping along with the beat but it is. That cute stranger at the store may have not said anything to you, but he did smile a little when you made eye contact. And ya know what? Experts say that the eyes are the windows into the soul, and in that brief moment his eyes totally spoke to you. He's definitely going to search all over the internet for you later and you'll soon fall in love. You can practically hear the wedding bells. And all too soon the song is over, but the lyrics continue to float around inside your mind, forever engraved into your brain; your spirit is soaring. That is until the next song plays, and just as quick as your happiness was sparked, it disperses.

In an instant you're bobbing your head, your eyebrows are furrowed, your movements have become more stiff and aggressive; you're angry. Furious even. How dare the world misjudge you ?! How dare all of your 200+ friends on Facebook (mostly relatives) assume that they know you? News flash: THEY DON'T. You are so much more complex than any of them can see, how dare your Uncle Steven call you a 'beautiful princess' in the comment section when you are CLEARLY more than just a pretty face. & how dare he discredit and disrespect you by calling you a princess when you have had your period for a while now, making you a 'woman', therefore you are now a QUEEN.

But wait. The next song begins to play and now your eyes are open. You can see everything so much clearer.

A/N: Lol for some strange reason I always post/write these articles around 2am. The beginning part started off as an introduction into my article that was suuuuupposed to open up and start talking about different songs that I find lyrically beautiful/that really touch you, but then my fingers kept typing and this happened. I'm sorry ? Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this and don't think that I've fallen off my rocker or something.

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