Hey, loves! Today I decided to put out my very first Christmas article, 'My Christmas' Tag! I figured since its the 1st of December, why not start it right? So below I've also tagged a few of my friends here on We Heart It. I look forward to seeing your articles as we share a bit of our festive experiences with each other. Be sure to join in if you'd like and send me links to your posts! I look forward to seeing your articles!!

🎅 Your Favourite Christmas Movies?

Home Alone, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas & Santa Clause 3, The Escape Clause.

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🎅 What is Your Go To Christmas Playlist?

Anything on Mariah Carey's Christmas Album has always been tradition at home, in the car and even at malls!

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🎅 Who would you like to kiss underneath the mistletoe ?

Budderball from Airbuddies. The most attractive creature on the planet!

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🎅 Your Must-Have Christmas Accessory?

A headpiece. Usually a reindeer headpiece or a Santa hat.

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🎅 What Has Been Your Most Memorable Christmas Stocking ?

Probably when I was little, around 11. My mum got me a stocking with my name on it in gold, cursive writing, it was so beautiful. It had a few edible goodies and jewelry inside!

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🎅 Your Ideal Christmas Eve?

Not sleeping until 2am. Sitting around by the Christmas tree, talking all night with my gran or watching her prepare meals all night and helping my grandmother decorator and clean up the mess I've usually just made.

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🎅 What's on Your Christmas Wishlist?

Fenty Beauty has been on my wishlist since it came out! Like literally anything from Rihanna's collection. That Trophy wife highlight, omg.

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🎅 Your typical Christmas morning ?

My mother usually wakes us all up super early to do presents. Then we all go get ready for our church Christmas service.

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🎅 Christmas Essentials?

Comfy sweats. A good old, Christmas movie. Christmas nuts. My camera for special moments. My family, especially my granny, mum and favourite aunt, the women in my life literally make my Christmas! Also, fairy lights

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🎅 Christmas To-Do List?

Give back to those in need. Make memories with the family. Pray and thank God for everything. Keep God in memory. Enjoy myself in the process!

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🎅 The one thing I dread this season!

The amount of people who feel they have no one to reach out too and holiday fatalities.

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I've tagged a few of my friends here on Whi to join in the fun on 'My Christmas' Tag. If you'd like to join in, please do and send me a link to your post!


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...you're it! I can't wait to see your Christmas articles!🎄

Alana - Mae

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