Hey people! It's Elle! In this article I'm going to walk you through some activities that I do to feel productive after. I don't just do these to feel productive, I actually do these for fun but everytime I just feel so good and energized. It just happens. These activities are very fun and I know that I enjoy them so I hope you do too.


I do this everyday when I wake up and it helps so much. I find that it really wakes me up and helps my body feel more energized. It is also really good for your body because your muscles get worked out even if it is just a little bit of movement.

Drink tea and Watch YouTube Videos

You might be wondering how this is going to help you and I'm going to tell you how. If I have a busy day ahead, I set up an hour or two just watching YouTube and being relaxed. After this session, I have a lot of energy to do things because then I've had my fun already and I have no urgent reason to procrastinate. I only do this on busy days though but on other days, I stay on YouTube for more than two hours, obviously.

Work Out

This is pretty common don't you think? Working out is one of the greatest ways to feel energized. If you're not used to working out then you're going to have a lot of sore muscles but after the pain is gone you are going to feel so great and accomplished!

Write Down Some Short-Term Goals

I do this quite a lot and it is very effective. Get out a pen and paper or digital ones if you prefer and then write down some of the things you want to do and achieve this month, this week, or even just write down some things that you want to buy. Even if you can't achieve them in one day, you'll still feel inspired and motivated as you know your goals and you know that you have something to work for.

Read with Intervals

You can do this with any fun activity, it doesn't have to be reading but that's just what I do this with. Basically, I read a book for an hour or so, take a break, and during that break I do something productive like washing the dishes, folding the laundry, cleaning, anything really. Good stuff.

Write Down Your Mood

I haven't done this that much yet but from the days which I've down this one it really helped me! Take five minutes to figure out and write down your mood, are you happy, sad, mad, are you content? Whatever it is write it down. If you end up writing something negative, you'll find a way to fix it and turn it into a postive one, if what you wrote is positive, you'll find that you stay that way for the whole day. This might not work for everyone, but give it a shot!

Just a quick reminder that it's okay to have a non-productive day. It's okay to relax every once in a while. You, yourself matters more than anything else that you have to do. If my advice doesn't work on you, don't be upset. That just means that you have a different way of working and thinking, and that's alright. <3


Thank you so much for reading! Have a fun time!

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