Just a random idea I had. I'm always looking up what a group of_____ is called so I've kind of just complied a list of all of the ones I can remember.

I'm going to exclude herds, packs, and flocks and I'm also not going to include animals like mules that aren't actually species.

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Aardvarks: an armoury of aardvarks.
Alligators: a congregation of alligators.
Anteaters: a candle of anteaters.
Apes: a shrewdness of apes.
Armadillos: a roll of armadillos.

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Baboons: a troop or flunge of baboons.
Badgers: a cere of badgers.
Barracudas: a battery of barracudas.
Bats: a colony or cloud of bats.
Bears: a sloth or sleuth of bears.

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Bees: a grist or swarm of bees.
Bison/Buffalo: an obstinence of bison/buffalo.
Bobolinks: a chain of bobolinks.
Camels: a caravan or train of camels.
Cats: a clowder or pounce of cats.

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Caterpillars: an army of caterpillars.
Cattle: a drove of cattle.
Cheetahs: a collision of cheetahs.
Chicks; a clutch or brood of chicks.
Cobras: a quiver of cobras.

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Cranes: a sedge of cranes.
Crocodiles: a bask or float of crocodiles.
Crows: a murder or horde of crows.
Buzzards: a wake of buzzards.
Dogs: a cry, mute, or kennel of dogs.

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Dogs, mixed: a cowardice of dogs.
Donkeys: a pace of donkeys.
Doves: a dole, flight, or piteousness of doves.
Eagles: a convocation of eagles.
Elephants: a parade of elephants.

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Elk: a gang of elk.
Ferrets: a business of ferrets.
*Finches: a charm of finches.
Fish: a school or shoal of fish.
Flamingos: a flamboyance of flamingos.
Foxes: a skulk of foxes.

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Geese: a gaggle of geese.
Giraffes: a tower of giraffes.
Gnus: an implausibility of gnus.
Goats: a tribe or trip of goats.
Goldfish: a troubling or glint of goldfish.

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Gorillas: a band of gorillas.
Guillemots: a bazaar of guillemots.
Guinnea Fowl: a confusion of guinnea fowl.
Hamsters: a horde of hamsters.
Hawks: a cast, kettle, or oil of hawks.

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Hedgehogs: an array of hedgehogs.
Herring: an army of herring.
Hippopotomi: a bloat of hippopotomi.
Hornets: a nest or bike of hornets.
Horses: a harass or team of horses.

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Hyenas: a cackle of hyenas.
Jellyfish: a smack of jellyfish.
Kangaroos: a troop or kangaroos.
Koalas: a cling of koalas.
Leopards: a leap of leopards.

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Lions: a pride of lions.
Locusts: a plague of locusts.
Llamas: a cria herd of llamas.
Lynxes: a destruction of lynxes.
Martens: a richness of martens.

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Mice: a nest or mischief of mice.
Midges: a bite of midges.
Moles: a labour of moles.
Monkeys: a troop or barrel of monkeys.
Otters: a romp of otters.

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Owls: a parliament or stare of animals.
Oxen: a team or yoke of oxen.
Pandas: a bamboo of pandas.
Parrots: a company or pandemonium of parrots.
Penguins: a colony of penguins.

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Pigs: a drift or drove of pigs.
Platypus: a puddle of platypus.
Ponies: a sting of ponies.
Porcupines: a prickle of porcupines.
Rabbits: a husk or warren of rabbits.

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Rats: a mischief of rats.
Ravens: an unkindness or storytelling of ravens.
Rhinoceroses: a crash of rhinoceroses.
Salmon: a run of salmon.
Sandpipers: a fling of sandpipers.

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Sharks: a shiver or collage.
Sheep: a drove of sheep.
Shrews: a whisker of a shrews.
Skunks: a sufeit of skunks.
Sloths: a bed of sloths.

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Squirrels: a a dray or scurry of squirrels.
Starfish: a constellation of starfish.
Starlings: a murmuration or chattering of starlings.
Stingrays: a fever of stingrays.
Termites: an intrusion of termites.

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Tigers: a streak or ambush of tigers.
Thrushes: a mutation of thrushes.
Turkeys: a rafter, gang, or posse or turkeys.
Whales: a pod or gam of whales.
Wolves: a rout (stationary) or a route (in motion) of wolves.

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Wombats: a wisdom of wombats.
Zebras: a zeal or dazzle of zebras.

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