They say we all stay alive for something. Sometimes even for someone. But speaking the truth, we stay alive for ourselves.

We live for the people we love.
We live for the things we are passionate about.
We live for everything that makes us feel alive.
We live for us.

Some may think that's selfish. I think it's survival.

We want to be free.
We want to be understood.
We want to be loved.
Yet we keep denying those rights to some of us.

Some may think that's survival. I think it's selfish.

We're all equals, we're all the same.
No matter who we love.
No matter what we do.
No matter who we are.

There will be times when they'll try to get what's ours. But, oh, we will fight back.

We will raise our voices until no sound comes out of our throats.
We'll be standing still until our last bone falls to the ground.
We won't give up.

We don't need to convince anyone that we're also humans.

We deserve to be treated like one.