I sit and think. I think about him. I think of how I think about him so much. How I think of him before bed. I think of him when I get ready in the morning. I think about him during the day. Think of him any chance I get really. I think to myself if it's right, to think of him all the time. Think if it's good for my health. Am i obsessed? Am I addicted? Is this normal? Is it natural? Cause I'm just a girl with feelings, so maybe it's not really that bad. Not bad to be aware of myself and be self assured. I think or wonder really, if he really knows. Knows how much I care. How much I really like being around him. How sad it makes me when we don't get to be together a little longer. Or how bad I feel when I fall asleep during or texts at night. How close I am to maybe liking him more than like, like, really like him. You know that kind of like. The kind of like that isn't really like anymore. But you cant really admit it out loud. I think about how much I enjoy the little time we spend together. How much I like our late night texts. How I completely adore him. How much I long for and wait and look forward to his hugs when I see him again. How much his hugs fell like a home I haven't had. Their warmth and comfort. How he gets that i just want to be held. That i just want to be with him and chill. Nothing extravagant just us going slow. I think about how much he is mine in my eyes. If he knows that i call him mine because I want people to recognize that. More importantly for him to never have to question that. If he know that I always write my like that for that very reason. I think about him all the time and that's fine.