everbody knows the song I think and everybody has his or her own opinion about the song or its own thoughts.

Yes, people sometimes fall. They fall when they are running. They fall, because they had a wrong opinion. Sometimes people even fall in love. But it is okay. Not every falling is something bad. It depends on the situation. Even if you feel like a fool it doesn't mean you are one. You decide how You interpret your falling. So do not panic.

If it comes to me: I am proud to be the fool. I am the one who will fall for my family to save them, to give them a better future. The future they deserve. I would be the protection shield if somebody will shoot on them. I would do everything for them just that they could be happy. I would fall even if I would lose myself. They are my priority so I would do everything for them no matter what comes.

I will be happy if I will fall, because it means that I can help my family and that is everything that counts for me.
So it depends on You what your falling means for You and how you deal with it. You will be great I know it.

But I am proud to be the fool

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