When i was in ninth grade, i got lymes disease. You get it from a tick that bites you and transfers into you. And for months I didn't know i had it. Till one day I woke up and I felt weird. I felt tired and unproductive. But i went downstairs to make breakfast anyway. While i was making food my dad came in the kitchen and asked me what i was making. And i smiled at him and told him. Then he told me to smile again. And i thought he wa playing and i smiliest one of my biggest smiles. And his smile was gone. He made me go to the mirror and told me to smile once again. I did and it turns out half of my face was numb and sagging down. Right away my dad rushed me to the hospital. And they told me what i had. When I went to school. I was anxious, scared. I showed everyone, and I thought everyone would be okay with it. Understanding that i'm sick. But no, they all stared, called me "two face" "the joker" when i would come home, I cried not wanting to go to school the next day. Almost every day I was sick, throwing up every morning, and a fever in the afternoon. And soon after this, I was depressed. Mad at myself for being sick, always crying. For five months i had this. And i'm glad it happened to me actually. It made me a better person. It made me realize that this world can be cruel. I've never been this positive in my life, only because I realized that people just want something to be mean to. Because they want something to make them selves feel better, to talk about someone because they have nothing in there life to talk about. Without these people doing what they did to me i wouldn't be as strong as I am now. Now i know god wouldn't put me through this if I wasn't strong enough for it. And i'm internally grateful.