What does emotional pain feels like? It feels like we are slowly loosing ourselves. We don't talk the same , we don't smile the same and .It feels like we are loosing our motivation to do anything because it just seems like theres nothing to look forward to. We feel empty and confused...But we often forget that pain is necessary to be strong. God wants us to be happy but he has to send us that one person to hurt us as a lesson. Not everybody is going to hurt you. We have to remember that pain is only temporary.

Romans 8:18 "the pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming".

Here are some tips to deal with pain:

1) be strong: The important thing is to be strong. You can't give up, never. No matter how hard it is , you can't give up. If you want the pain to hurt less you should try writting about your feelings. It really helps.

2) cry: You can't keep strong feelings to yourself for too long because you might have a break down. If you want to cry , cry. It will help you releave some pain. Go to your fav chilling spot and cry, walk the streets at 2am to think. Spend time with yourself.

3) write or talk to someone about your feelings: when i was in pain i really didn't feel confortable talking to someone about my feelings. I used to draw and write about how i felt. Both of them work pretty well

4) keep reminding yourself that pain is temporary: Pain doesn't last forever. It's all in your head. If you keep telling yourself you won't heal, guess what? You won't heal. But if you keep reminding yourself that you're going to be okay, guess what ? You are going to be okay. They will be nights where you will cry yourself to sleep but in the morning you have to stand up and never give up.

5) don't do drugs to releave your pain. If you take drugs because you think the pain will hurt less, your wrong.Drugs don't last forever. Cuz when your not high anymore you feel empty again. So you try to take them again to escape pain and memories But it creates at the same time a dependance on drugs.

6) listen to songs that are relatable to your pain. Sometimes we find the words in songs that we are to afraid to say, and it releave a little pain.

Remember , if youre feeling sad you can always message me, imma be there for ya 💋
-love yall-

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