Studying is hard and it's even harder with distractions. Follow some of these tips to help your studying

1) Using flashcards to help you memorize terms and definitions help a lot. If you have test with a foreign languages, write the term and the meaning on the back and use that to study.

2) If you have to memorize or remember things from a textbook or a packet, try writing the important information that you have to remember down on a piece of paper with blue ink. Studies show that writing things down actually help you remember things better.

3) If you are reading something but somehow you just can't seem to remember what you just read, try to separate each paragraph and reward yourself with food or candy after you finish reading a page. Clear your mind and turn your phone off.

4) Try to study in silence, without the TV on or music playing because that will distract your mind. You will be more focused on the screen or start to sing along to the song that's playing.

5) Study right before you go to sleep and try to memorize everything right before you sleep, meaning that you don't check your phone or go on social media after. So use your phone and then quickly reread everything and sleep, this way the information is more likely to stay in your mind.

6) Repeating information out loud or just saying things multiple times will help you remember it.

7) Writing all the information down in a list or a separate paper will also help because it won't look as overwhelming with all the non important information.

8) To focus better, turn your phone off and put it in a separate room so you don't get distracted with all your snapchats or text messages.

9) Make sure you aren't sleepy when you are studying because you'll be too focused on when you are sleeping instead of remembering information. Try drinking coffee or some caffeine. Splash cold water on your face to wake up.

Hope these helped & good luck to you all!!

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