Hey everyone!

Since this is the last day of november, I decided to make an article about my favourite music, tv shows, makeup etc. Let's get started!

TV shows

1. Stranger things
→ So I know season 2 came out in october. I watched it completely in 2 days and I loved it! Season 2 is amazing. That is why it's in my favourites from november, I want to recommend it to anyone. The kids are so talented and they keep getting better.

2. Reign
→ I started this around Nov. 3 and I'm so obsessed with it! The whole storyline and characters are so good. I'm only on season 2 but I love it so much. If you watch this too, message me if you want to!

3. Modern Family
→ So I've been following this show since season 7 came out and I'm still obsessed with this amazing sitcom. It's so funny and relatable. The reason why it's in my favourites, is cause I started watching season 9 this month. It has been out for awhile, but I never have the time to watch them every week. So I watched the most in november.

gif and stranger things image reign, Queen, and adelaide kane image

Make up

1. Morphe 35o
→ This palette has been out for quite some time, but I just got it this month. It's so amazing. It's so pigmented and beautiful. There are so many colours and you can create loads of looks. I've been using this non-stop!

2. Stila lipstick in Firenze
→ So the Stila stay all day liquid lipstick is hands down one of the best liquid lipsticks out there (my opinion!). This month I bought the colour Firenze and I love it! The lipstick, just like the others I own, stays all day and doesn't crack or get flakey. So I really recommend this one! (the one in the picture isn't Firenze, I think it's Angelo)

3. NYX liquid eyeliner
→ So I was looking for a new eyeliner this month, because I ran out of my previous one and I saw this one in our local store. I picked it up and tried it out and I love it! It's easy to apply and stays on, no matter what. It doesn't say it's waterproof, but I can cycle in the rain with it and it still doesn't come off.

stila and angelo image brown, eyeshadow, and makeup image


1. cybersex by blackbear
→ This album was only released this week and I already listened to blackbear and loved him. But this album is so good. I haven't listened to anything else. You should give it a listen.

2. Ultralife by Oh Wonder
→ I've been a massive fan of OW since 2015 and been to their concert in november 2015. They released their second album in July this year, but I listened to it a lot this month. I'm going to their concerts in Amsterdam this weekend (yes both days) and I'm so excited to see them again. They're such genuine people who make real music.

3. Melodrama by Lorde
→ First of all, Lorde is a legend ok? I love her so much and I've been a fan since the release of her first album. I finally got to see her in october and I miss her so much! Melodrama is her second album which released in June this year. It's a masterpiece, I can assure you. I love all the songs and it deserves some kind of award, not even kidding.

oh wonder image ️lorde image

Other stuff

→ I recently bought these booties from Asos, they're actually from Boohoo. I love them so much and they're so comfortable! I desperately needed a new pair so these are perfect.

→ I bought 3 skincare products by Mario Badescu off beautybay with their black friday offer and I can't really judge it yet, cause I started using it only this week. I suffer from mild acne and redness, so I bought their 'acne line'. These are products especially for sensitive skin with acne and I thought it would be perfect for me. Let's hope it'll work. (I'll update you guys)

So that was pretty much it for this month, I haven't bought clothes this month (shocker!!) so I have nothing on that. I'm going tomorrow though so when I have some good items, I'll do an article about those. I'm going jumper hunting cause it's so cold outside and don't have any jumpers anymore.

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Love, Mara